The basis of all life processes

Water is the basis of all life processes

It is the basis of all naturally occurring solutions, e.g. sap, blood, lymph fluid ect. Every cell or muscle stimulus up to the brain wave excitation happens in an aqueous environment.

Viktor Schauberger called it: “The blood of the earth”

As early as 1930, Viktor Schauberger began developing devices for water conditioning, which were subsequently confiscated. The last decades different groups have been trying to translate this knowledge into devices.

Since the early 1980s, I have also dealt with the topic of water and now finally a synthesis of facets of all known approaches emerged as U.F.O. Universal field-fluid organizer.

U.F.O. Universal Field-Fluid Organizer


In this open source project, everybody can share his/her experiences and suggestions with the U.F.O. and we offer a platform for exchange here.

For interested parties I offer an open exchange on the Zoom-chanel of the K2C2.Academy every Wednesday 19:00 CET!

Freely accessible to all!


Klaus-Dieter Bauer K2

In more than 15 years of intensive research Callum Coats has combined the findings of Viktor Schauberger as a standard work in his book Naturenergien verstehen. Equal to Viktor Schauberger our first goal is to produce water refining equipment in which all the experiences from all sources of the past until today are realized!

In association-owned water stations, so-called “oases”, we offer K2C2-members waters with unique structures, energy character and purity.

Be there and take your chance!

Business Angels voluntarily pay an increased contribution of at least € 240, – and can access all design details, plans, (CAD and 3D records), manufacturing and supplier data and of course have all accessions of the supporting members.

Support members can freely choose the monthly amount, which gives them access to all the basics, trainings, zoom exchanges, developments, the different water qualities in the water station oases. Of course all products can be purchased in the shop.