How everything began

At the beginning of 1983 I found information about the “Goldener Pflug” (Golden plow) in the study library of my hometown Linz, then I received the 111 booklet Implosion by Kurt Lorek. This started my journey into the world of Viktor Schauberger.

Many visits to Walter Schauberger and his wife followed.

After the founding of the Association for the Promotion and Conservation of Habitat, I started together with friends to implement many ideas of Viktor and also to recreate various things (see pictures).

In 1996, I set up a Schauberger Memorial Fountain, with several ceramic kudu grains, on Linz’s Main Square, and to our surprise, technicians were able to measure electricity in naturally moving water!

This was followed by more than 35 years of research into quality of space, soil-, forest- and water-structure, with results that have become increasingly interesting to science.