Water is the basis of all life processes.

It is the basis of all naturally occurring solutions, e.g. Plant juices, blood, lymph fluid ect. Every cell, or muscle stimulus up to the brain wave excitation happens in an aqueous environment.

“The Blood of the Earth V.S.”
Already in 1933 Viktor Schauberger showed in his essay:

Our pointless work source of the world crisis

the construction by atomic transformation, not atomic destruction

that, by ignorance and unnatural treatment of the essence of water, we endanger our existence on the Blue Planet.

Callum Coats has combined the findings of Viktor Schauberger as a standard work in more than 15 years of intensive research, in his book Understanding and Using Natural Energies.

Our first goal, as Viktor Schauberger called them, is to produce water refining equipment in which all past experiences are realized, from all sources!

In club-owned waterholes, so-called “oases”, we offer club members waters with unique structures, energy character and purity.