The functions of water in biological systems

Water as a solvent

Water is the basis of all life processes. It is the basis of all naturally occurring solutions, e.g. Plant juices, blood, lymph fluid ect. Every cell, or muscle stimulus up to the brain wave excitation happens in an aqueous environment.

Water as the solvent of various compounds is the result of a geological wonder, based on the interaction of forces that have become the scourges of life on Earth today: radioactive radiation, microwaves, ozone, CO2 and phosphorus. Today these forces dilute the water by „burning“ gaps in the dense network of water molecules. These gaps can vent gases in and out, allowing for a lively exchange of nutrients and life-information-bearing radiation. Furthermore, information can be stored in these gaps: How magnetic pulses can be recorded on the hard disks of a computer and retrieved in the form of writing and pictorial symbols, so that the solvent water contains all the information needed for the metabolism of the earth and all its organisms. Water as an integration field for information-storing and information-transmitting radiation is the guarantor of life on earth. If magnetic pulses are erased by strong magnetic fields (Chernobyl), like the program of a computer, the water loses its ability to maintain the exchange of gases and the retrieval of information. It falls back to that stage of the Earth’s history, where the water sent poison radiation, which allowed only an exchange of nitric oxide and ozone. With this, however, the function of the oldest supply and disposal organ is lost to the body of the earth and all its organisms: the information for all lymphatic systems of the plant, animal and human kingdom, however different they may be.

Water as formation of resonance- the system for communication (resonate)

The water in its function to producing resonance for magnetic impulses (information retrieval) depends on the help of sulfur, phosphorus, iodine, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, boron and iron. These are salts in solution that attract electrical forces. The dissolution process releases the radiation stored in the salts.

Water as information for the development of field-forming forces

The information for the formation of field-forming forces has been obtained in the water gap system as a system of magnetic pulses from the beginning of earth development to the present day. Information-forming and information-storing are three factors in the water:

The „occupation“ of gaps by gaseous nitrogen oxide compounds. Through them waves of visible light entered 9 commands (basic forces) to the water, as the water continued to „dilute“ (potentiate) from level to level, in the other gap systems were created for each other magnetic impulses.
The development of water as a salt water body and pulse generator for electrical processes.
The stimulation of metabolic processes in the water by CO2.
The evolution of water after the construction of the nine field-forming forms of magnetism (basic forces) was a marvel of interactions, the sources of which are the highest levels. In them all magnetic forces created in the course of the earth’s history interact at such a high level of interaction that this water represents the transforming force of life on earth. It is able, in exchange with the organisms of the earth body, to control countless metabolic processes in such a way that metabolic waste can once again become biomass.

In the course of human history, this „water of life“ has been transformed into a liquid by the destruction of the forest and humus, with all the consequences of magnetic field degradation, which can not fulfill any of the 3 functions:

The exposure to artificial radioactive and microwave radiation prevents a vigorous exchange of life information-carrying radiation from being enabled. More and more information is being erased, and the ability of water to act as a solvent of various compounds is becoming less and less as the gap systems degenerate for the storage of magnetic pulses. The water loses its transforming (radioactive) power.
The exposure to ozone prevents the resonant formers for magnetic impulses, i.e., sulfur, phosphorus, iodine, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, boron and iron, from interacting with the magnetic forces of the water. The elemental transformation learned from water in the course of evolution can be less and less. The water loses its generating (electric) power.
The exposure to CO2 and phosphorus causes the death of the water. The information-storing magnetic impulse system responsible for the CO2 conversion was the result of a highly developed humus structure. It requires all magnetic forces acquired during the earth’s history to be efficient. If these forces are weakened by the gradual destruction of their gap systems, then CO2 can not return to the cycle. This development is driven by phosphor radiation, which is the result of a non-natural tillage: The use of phosphate-containing, water-soluble mineral fertilizer produced in the water body (plant, animal , Human) with extremely weak magnetic forces electrostress, which manifests itself in the form of violent toxic radiation (every chemical element radiates radiomimetic) phosphorus fertilized soils, especially in regions with nitrate pollution.

Dr.Gernot Graefe, Dr. Maria Felsenreich, Klaus-Dieter Bauer Findings of Modern Ecosystem Research April 1997