Room Quality Management U.F.O. RQM

U.F.O. For the room quality management

= Healthy atmosphere

= Promoting environment

in the morphogenetic field of our earth

Development of dome-like field structures

Forests are the main creators of dome structures on earth. These arise from dome-like accumulations of water molecule above the treetops. In the spatial arrangement of the water molecules into cluster structures, this dome structure arises under undisturbed natural field conditions.

You can perceive this whitish pulsing field, with slightly narrowed eyes, over every forest and with some practice around each plant. The old experienced, observant farmer says: The forest (the field) is dark, it comes bad weather!

Artificial electromagnetic fields, chemical and radioactive inputs and our primary degrading technology have managed to bring the biological safety of our space ship to the limit in all areas of life!

Through the development of the U.F.O. = Universal field fluid organizer, it has now been able to combine all findings of water ecosystem and field research, in a holistic bio (logical) technical device. Set up in rooms or in the field, it comes to an order of various fields. Geophotogene influences from water veins, lattice intersections, faults are minimized and neutralized as well as influences from various sources of electro-smog, chemistry and radioactivity.

The naturally energized energies of the water and the air are created in and around the U.F.O. = Universal field fluid organizer around fields, with high order states unknown to date. In these ordered fields, the entire biology can reorient and recover.

Since 1993, we have been working with people in private households, in all sectors of agricultural enterprises and in the most varied industrial enterprises in the industry. The findings of modern applied ecosystem research, we turned into a method for spatial quality management, which has been proven in the double-digit range reduced sick leave and brought up to 60% more work efficiency in large companies.

Here for the evaluation of two biophysical measurements, a typical workplace situation and before and after drinking water from a house well source.