Water crystallization to visualize the water structure and quality

Thomas Steinmann from the morphogenetic center in Vienna, was one of the first, to give us a visual insight into the structure and quality of the water, in addition to Maseru Emoto.

Since 2002 we also work with this method and have researched a wide variety of waters worldwide, including in biological systems (soil, plants, animals and humans).

Aqua dest

Aqua dest.

Hedwigsbründl Bad Zell Oberösterreich

Healing fountain Hedwigsbründl Bad Zell Upper Austria

Trinkwasser Oberösterreich

Drinking water Linz Upper Austria

Trinkwasser Linz 2

Drinking water Linz Upper Austria

V. Schauberger called the growths on the edge, the water cancer

Feuerbrand 1

Water from the root area of an apple tree with fire blight. Beginning of the project 02.2002 (fire blight is a bacterial disease of the trees)

Feuerbrand 2

Water from the root area of the same apple tree, after fire-blight reconstruction 11.2003


Drinking water of an insurance company in Upper Austria.
Canteen directly under several mobile phone base antennas, only technical angle pattern

Leitungswasser Linz

Actual state in many tap waters


Left side: Healing fountain Hedwigsbründl Bad Zell                              Right side: Tap water after multi barrier filter and clusterstructure reconstruction


This dense structure of the H2O clusters was produced by us, in a Schauberger egg (vortex water) , using the tap water of a major centralbank (very bad water before 24 hours treatment)


Our first Schauberger wateregg,                                                                  for the production of vortex water (1995)